Chaldean League Glance

The Chaldean people are the oldest that inhabited Mesopotamia. They have contributed to past and present in the development and prosperity where they worked hard and faithful—in all spheres of life— especially cultural ones. Chaldeans have always been loyal citizens to their nation and people. In spite of this, they have suffered immensely in the massacres of CIFFA (SEFER-BERLEK) in 1915 and even today with other Christians. Because of the wars, instability and the absence of peace, the Chaldeans fled from Iraq & neighboring countries to several other countries. The need to maintain the Chaldean identity, presence, and preserve the history transpires to establish the Chaldean League Organization.

Held in Erbil city – Ankawa from 1-3 July 2015, the founding conference of the Chaldean League invited by The Patriarch Mar Louis Raphael I Sako With the participation of a number of the Bishops, Priests and Dignitaries from Iraq, Jordan, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Germany.