Building the foundation to the future structure of the CHALDEAN NATION.

Chaldean League held its first General Conference in the city of Erbil, Ankawa for the period between 25-27 / 9/2016

Democracy and the spirit of high responsibility ambience towards the challenges faced and facing our nation and our people especially the Chaldean, and the Christian in general in the whole of Iraq, delegates discussed issues at their meetings for three days themes contained in the agenda and included:

First, research and studies presented to the conference, which focused on the importance of language and national identity, Chaldean and the role of visual media and audio and readable.

Second, discussed the study of the file presented to the conference on the displaced and forcibly displaced, the conditions of our people and the future of Plain of Nineveh, and has recommended the formation of a competent authority to follow up on this important file.

Third, the study of how to finance the projects and activities of the League was adopted Chaldean Fund project.

Fourth: discuss the annual financial report for the year 2015-2016.

Fifth: discuss the structure of the new League and approved.

Sixth: To discuss the proposed amendment to the Rules of Procedure of views, and some minor modifications it made.

Seventh: the ratification of the results of the elections held in the branches and offices of the Chaldean League in Iraq and the world.

Eighth: the election of the presidency for the next session, it was an election of the Presidency for the next session, represented by:

Mr. Safaa Sabah Hindi president

Mr. Qais Sacco, Senior Vice President / America

Mr. Samir Yousif Second Vice-President / Australia

Mr. Salam Marqus, secretary / Europe

Mr. D. Amanj Francis Financial Secretary