1. To strengthen the Chaldean communities through utilizing the energies, expertise, and investment possibilities of the Chaldean people in Iraq and the world.

2. Promoting and developing the consciousness of the Chaldean Nationality (Ethnicity).

3. Strengthening the foundations of co-existence based on freedom and equality of life on the basis of common citizenship and respect for human rights and civil society according to the international forums.

4. Working in order to maintain and defend the social, cultural, political and national rights of Chaldean people.

5. Apply Chaldean & Eastern Heritage and Levantine at all levels through the establishment of cultural and educational centers in addition to language courses, festivals, art galleries, and sports activities in cooperation with other Chaldean institutions.

6. Utilizing the political process, exerting pressure on decision-makers in countries where Chaldean people exist, to strengthen their presence, and give the Chaldean people civil, political and economic rights.

7. Strive to build bridges of brotherhood, love and respect and equality with the other components of our people without exception.

8. Seek to develop relationship of Chaldean and other Christian and Non-Christian communities through development programs encouraging venture capitalists and Chaldean Fund to invest in these Iraqi Chaldean towns and villages addressing the humanitarian organizations that support them.

9. Seek to open offices in international forums of the United Nations as an observer body.

10. Organize the care of humanitarian, social, cultural, national and political affairs; and not become a political party.