Chaldean League

The Chaldean League is a non-political and non-profit worldwide organization built on philanthropic, ethnic, social and national grounds. As a new entity, it requires at this phase to stand firm and be supported by highly qualified people. It is making an effort to strengthen relations with Christians and other citizens, in addition to serving Chaldeans (as a component of the nation not as a minority).

Executive Board

President : Safaa S. Hindi / Iraq

First V. President: Qais Saco / USA

Second V. President : Samir Yousif / Australia

Secretary : Salam Morqus / France

Treasurer: Dr. Amange F. Boya / Iraq / Kurdistan Region – Erbil

Board Members

Thafer Nouh / Head of Baghdad Branch – Iraq

Ayoub Michael / Head of Kirkuk Branch – Iraq

Dr. Zuhair Rahimo / Head of Mousl & Nineveh Plain Branch – Iraq

Dr. Dina Hikmat / Head of Basrah Branch – Iraq

Suad Morqus / Head of Duhok Branch Iraq – KRG

Sarmad Yas / Head of Sulymania Branch – Iraq – KRG

Dr. Ghazi Raho / Head of Jordan Branch

Jamal Kalabat / Head of USA Branch

Yohana Bedaweed / Head of Australia – Malborn Branch

Munier F. Hermiz / Head of Canada Branch

Adib T. Matty / Head of Germany Branch

Bashar Yousif / Head of Sweden Branch

Shenol Yarames / Head of Belgium Branch

Dalya Shamoon / Head of UK Branch

Hormiz Koraael / Head of Netherland Branch

Chaldean League representatives in the world

Dr. Gerald Bidawid / representatives in Switzerland

Dr. Raad Salam / representatives in Spain

Mary Kassarji / representatives in Lebanon